Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strange and Stupid Tattoos

I'll be honest, I don't really like tattoos, don't see the point in them. I'm not saying don't get one, there are lots of people out there that love them. I am simply saying they are not for me, and the ones pictured below strike me as particularly stupid.

Well, at least... Nope, I can't find a positive here.

Has the potential to be cool. It's a shame the worst artist ever, did this tattoo. Michael J. Fox could have done better after polishing off a bottle of Grey Goose.

That's pretty sweet, I guess.

Hey look at you, that's pretty neat, once. Second time, not so much. Third time...

I will say this, the artist did do a pretty good job.

Sweet tattoo, it looks like back hair from a distance. Alright, awesome.

Hey fatty, could've done without seeing your nips. Also, your sausage with a clock tattoo doesn't make any sense.

This tattoo would be great for heartburn jokes.

Some people have plastic surgery to hide the appearance of scars. Some people have them cut into their skin. C'est la vie.

Sweet mercy, what is wrong with that dude? Is he alive?

Oh man, look at the Hulks face, that's terrible. It's like he went to a junior high art class, and got a tattoo.

Class act. That is sure to get you women.



Your mother must be so proud to have Heman's arch enemy as a son.

I love breakfast too, but I wouldn't want it on my head until I die.

Awesome tat, d-bag.

His fat stomach and acid wash jeans weren't attracting the ladies, so he went to plan B.

Seriously? This is the third anilmal butthole tattoo.

That's one way to do it.


This one is pretty well done. But the fact remains, it's a comic book, grow up.


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